Services for Organizations


Forward has developed an array of successful seminars, workshops, retreats and keynote presentations on topics that empower and energize participants while providing new insight to maximize individual and group potential. From academic settings to large group keynote addresses, Forward provides group sessions that leave an impact. Topic options are almost endless, but have included: Giving and Receiving Feedback, Effective Communication, Excelling in a Service Industry, Networking, Interviewing Success for the Interviewer and Interviewee and “Savvy Associates”.


Forward Consulting knows how to synthesize the spoken and unspoken needs of your organization, uncover the passive job seeker, and assess candidates so your search time is used most efficiently and the RIGHT candidate is identified, attracted, and hired. We don’t stop there, but continue our efforts until the successful candidate is is on board with a great first impression.

If your organization is not at the point of adding personnel because it needs to improve its recruiting process, Forward Consulting can help with that too. We can work with your leadership to identify hiring and attrition trends and the recruitment procedures that help or hinder those trends. Those may include, but are not limited to, job description retooling, hiring criteria development, and refining assessment tools.

Developing Employees

Ongoing professional development is essential to retaining workers, maximizing their potential, and pushing them to the next level. This may mean developing existing skills, introducing new skills, or eradicating unhelpful behaviors. Forward Consulting can support the development of your personnel through:
– Individual coaching
– Group development seminars, workshops and retreats

Transition Coaching

Despite the best intentions and efforts, there will be times when either economic or performance considerations require transitioning out an employee. Those transitions are challenging, but Transition Coaching through Forward Consulting eases the stress. Through our one-on-one Transition Coaching, we will help the individual through their departure and search for new opportunities. Our goal is to help them take control of their situation, learn from it, and make a next move that will help them maximize their personal potential in the marketplace. In addition, through Transition Coaching we can help your organization maintain goodwill both with the departing person and your remaining employees. Transition Coaching is available for personnel at all levels within your organization.

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