Services for Individuals

One-on-one Discernment Coaching –
When you aren’t feeling “right” in your current position work with Forward to discern a change in direction. We will work with you to determine what isn’t making sense and how to move toward a better future whether in your current position or in a new opportunity.

One-on-one Transition Coaching –
Whether the decision was yours or your employer’s, making a move to a new opportunity can be a daunting task. With extensive experience in the recruitment and placement industry, Forward is well suited to take the anxiety out of the search process while helping you to make smart moves toward that next great opportunity. All aspects of the search can be covered, depending on your needs and interests, including discernment, opportunity identification, resume and search material creation, interviewing skills, networking, and compensation negotiation. Coaching is adjusted to your specific needs.

Support Material Creation –
For those who seek a creative hand and detailed eye to create compelling support materials, Forward Business and Professional Consulting provides a Support Material Package. Although as part of our transition and discernment coaching we offer help with these materials, when you retain us to do support material creation, WE do the work rather than coaching you through the process. We begin by conducting a thorough interview with you to determine what type of position(s) you are seeking, what your top skills and achievements are, and what you want to leverage. Then, we create the materials, review them with you, make necessary adjustments and provide the finished product in both electronic and paper formats.

Small Business Consulting –
Some people reach a point in their careers when looking for a new job is not the answer. Creating your own opportunities through the creation of your own business may be the answer and Forward is prepared to help you with the planning and launching of your new venture.

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