“When working with Amy, expectations are high for herself as well as for those she is coaching.  She will do everything within her power to help everyone on the team meet or exceed their goals.  Unprompted, Amy has continual follow up with individuals to make sure they feel supported, answer questions and provide clarity for how to move forward  in order to accomplish their goals.”
Organizational Client

“We found Amy very easy to work with and were most impressed by her willingness to truly listen to our needs. She took the time to understand our culture and made clear and concise suggestions. We appreciated her honest approach and our employees were very receptive to her approachable and energetic style of communication.”

Organizational Client

“Amy has an uncanny ability to sift through all the noise and focus on what is really important for personal growth. Using a mixture of humor and candor she has been instrumental in helping individuals realize and achieve their full potential by helping hold them accountable for achieving their goals.”

Organizational Client

“Because of your help I felt a lot more prepared and confident in my interview.”

Student Client

“With your patience and understanding you helped me realize a better path.”

Entry-Level Attorney
 “Thanks again for all of your help in the job search and confidence-building you did for us following the dissolution (of our firm).  You were so great to work with and a true pro.”
Mid-Career Attorney Client

“You always provided a voice of reason.”

Student Client

Forward Professional and Business Consulting
works with organizations and individuals to maximize human capital potential. We are involved with the full 360 degree cycle of an individual's professional growth from recruitment to development to transition and the organizations' role in each of these phases.

For Individuals: Forward Business and Professional Consulting will partner with you to discern and pursue opportunities to maximize personal and financial potential as human capital in a competitive marketplace.

For Organizations:
Forward Business and Professional Consulting will partner with you to maximize your organization's potential through the acquisition, development and retention of elite human capital. For all organizations, including service and non-profit organizations, Forward seminars, workshops and retreats are transformational for the organization and its individual members."

Why Human Capital? We refer to people in the career context as "human capital" to emphasize the role each individual has in their own success and that of the organization for which they work and the broader economy. This does not mean we overlook the personal and emotional aspects of a career. Those are important to overall life satisfaction and success as human capital. We never lose sight of that and we support all aspects of our clients journeys.

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